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Anode Racks

Innovact were busy over the festive period 2016/2017 with a tight deadline to meet on designing, manufacturing and delivering a purpose-built rack for transporting a particular shape, size and weight of metal materials.

The overall payload required was 32[T] and the racks had to be dual purpose (two different materials and completely different shapes). Also the racks had to be able to be double stacked for return transport empty. This obviously posed a few design issues that were quickly overcome by the Innovact team. The race was then on to manufacture and deliver for a tight deadline.

Again, the festive period was short for the Innovact team, with travelling internationally and interstate to ensure a quality product was delivered on time and on budget to the customer.

A few late requested changes pushed this time frame to the limit but, a whole one day ahead of schedule, the full compliment was delivered and signed over to the very happy customer.


A repeat order was the reward and the clock started again……..!

The images show the project build from the materials arriving to the finished product in use with the customer.

If you have a particular requirement that is not a standard “off the shelf” product, the Innovact team should be your first call. This is the area we specialise in and it keeps our creative edge sharp.