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DNV Container


Innovact were very busy over the 2016/2017 festive period with a project for a customer that had a very tight timeline to hit.

This involved taking a standard 10′ container design and adding a bit of “engineering magic” to ensure that the customer designed internal unit had the correct mountings, enough structural strength and sufficient internal dimensions to house the unit in.

With just 5[mm] to spare and a customer unit weighing 5[T] there was not a lot of room for error.

Poor Kenny (Innovact) wore out his tape measure and we had to buy him a new one!

Kenny’s dedication saw him flying internationally on the 26th Dec to ensure that all was well with the build. This saw the product delivered on schedule and allowed the customer to catch up time on their delivery due to the additions that had been requested and installed at source.

The result was a very happy customer with the timing and end product received.


Those of you in the know will recognise the top corner castings have the reinforced padeyes for offshore/helicopter lift use. This container is DNV 2.7-1 rated (DNV being Det Norske Veritas). This ensures that the product is made to the highest standards and aid:

  1. Structural durability
  2. Consistent product delivery
  3. High levels of safety

DNV and GL (Germanischer Lloyd) merged in 2013 and DNV GL is globally recognized for providing classification and technical assurance that drives the mitigation of risks and assurance of technical compliance for oil, gas, and industrial installations.

Innovact Consulting regularly work closely with DNV GL to ensure that all of the engineering aspects, including the following, are compliant and approved for each customer derivative of a design:

  1. Design Assessment
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Testing
  4. Surveillance
  5. Final Inspection by DNV GL