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Surge Bin Liners

Innovact Consulting have recently completed the design, manufacture and delivery of product for a client that needed replacement ore bin liners to fit into an existing facility on a remote mine site.

These units are not complex but still bring complex issues that are required to be resolved.

Firstly, the design is validated then manufacturing drawings produced for the manufacturing facility to follow. This is accompanied with quality testing and measuring procedures to ensure that production is as smooth as possible.

In all projects, Innovact Consulting also take on additional measures in the form of third-party material testing. This is taken on as part of the project to ensure that the materials and certificates supplied match the standards requested. Then, when it gets to the testing phase, there are no surprises. The images below show some of this testing.

After manufacturing is complete, the next issue in this project was to insure and ship 210 tonnes of steel into Australia and transport it all to a remote mine site.

This was completed with ease, as the original Innovact design included steel frames to hold the individual liners and were measured to take into account the weight for transport on sea and, more importantly, the road rules towards the remote site. This also ensured that the product was transported and shipped with ease.

Did we also mention that this was all completed with COVID-19 restrictions worldwide?

Again, by using resources and contacts built up over many years and in various countries, Innovact can resolve most of the current issues that other companies may not be able to.

If you have any projects that you are putting off or that have stumbled upon delays, please call us to see if we can be of assistance.