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Welcome Federico Roldan!

Innovact Consulting would like to welcome a new member to our team – Federico Roldan!

Federico has been in the Consumer and Military electronics market for the last 9 years, working as an Industrial and Mechanical Designer, on products such as satellite and radio communications, metal detection and mine tracking devices. Federico has had a broad exposure to different manufacturing processes, materials and rapid development projects requiring overseas manufacturing.

Federico’s skills include:

  • Conceptual industrial design, product styling and creative problem solving.
  • Mechanical concept development of consumer and ruggedized electronics.
  • End-to-end design process (from concept to manufacturing)
  • Rapid development of prototypes and tooling using various manufacturing techniques.
  • Efficient in numerous different software tools.

Some of Federico’s passions include drawing/painting, travel, cycling and speaking several different languages.

Welcome to the team Fed!