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NCR Tracked Vehicle and Water Cannon


New Century Resources and Innovact Consulting have released a new self-powered tracked hydro-excavating water cannon.  From Concept to operational development model, Innovact has undertaken primary design, concept validation, including Computational Fluid Analysis and Structural design Analysis (FEA).

Together, with local suppliers, the fabrication of the cannon system, swivel couplings, hydraulic power packs, diesel engine, electrical battery system, hydraulic control systems, lighting and hydraulic mast, remote camera systems, as well as the RF remote controls were designed and developed for the application.  The tracked vehicle, cannon, service functions, lighting can all be remotely operated from the RF hand module and soon to be from the main control room.

The new tracked cannon offers significantly better operating characteristics, including:

  • Increased excavating capacity
  • Increased stability in difficult environments
  • Reduced operator/service requirements during site operations

The cannon system is now about to enter the next operational stage, where the hydraulics will be pure electro-hydraulic, thus eliminating the diesel engine system.

The hydraulic system, electrical system and hydro-power generator system is developed by Innovact Consulting.  Power is supplied from an updated custom battery system mounted to the vehicle and charged via an Innovact developed hydro-turbine, that bleeds 2% of the main flow to generate around 25[kW] for battery charging and system operations.

Please have a look at the images and Youtube video to see the results.