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Twist ‘N’ Lock Fence Tensioner Kit

In January 2023, Innovact Consulting were contacted by Mark and Trudie, a couple who have worked on sheep and cattle stations all their lives. They had an idea for a fence tensioning system for use with rural mesh fencing, which is common on most farms and rural properties.

Twist 'N' Lock logo

Mark and Trudie’s aim was to make installation of rural mesh fences easier, safer and less labour-intensive than the straining methods currently being used. They contacted Innovact Consulting and set up a meeting to discuss the design and manufacturing of their fence tensioner.

Fast forward a few months, with many discussions and fine tuning of prototypes, the APATCO Twist ‘N’ Lock Fence Tensioner Kit was born – turning Mark and Trudie’s idea into reality.

This product is proudly Australian made and in line for a 2024 Good Design Award.

Please visit APATCO Fence Tensioning System’s website for more information.

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