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Container Lifter

In March 2017, Innovact Consulting were approached by a customer who had an unusual logistic issue.
They had a 20′ container with an all up weight of 30[T] and needed it to be transported interstate. This so far is not unusual, however, there was no access for cranes, sideloaders or large forklifts.
The requirement then was to design and manufacture a method of moving the 30[T] container to a location where it can be loaded onto a vehicle for onward travel. Not so difficult, apart from the fact that the container has to be kept level at all times and there was a storm water drain on the transit route!
With nothing available on the market, Innovact Consulting were tasked to provide the solution.
The Innovact Consulting Design Team, with the help of local South Australian manufacturers, pulled off a great result and were left with a happy and very relieved customer!