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Portable Water Supply System

Innovact Consulting provided Engineering, Design,  Compliance and Approval services to our client in developing a range of Potable Water Tanks for the remote accommodation associated with the Oil and Gas Industry.

This Portable Water System was designed within a standard 40[ft] shipping container for a customer to provide a seamless supply of potable water for remote camps.

To achieve this, the water is delivered into the storage tanks where the pumps drive stored water through a cartridge and  UV disinfectant arrangement before delivering potable water on demand. A variable speed pump system enables consistent pressure, regardless of the flow being generated.

The pump station has been specifically designed to be replaceable on site without the need for a qualified electrician.




Innovact Consulting’s Team undertook an extensive project scope for these products, which included the following;

  • Client RFQ and Process Review
  • Design Conception
  • Client and End User reviews
  • Product and Project Costing, including offshore work packages
  • Detailed Engineering Design and Analysis (FEA and CFD)
  • Detailed fabrication drawings
  • Assistance in fabrication
  • System Integration (pump systems, PLC controls and sensors, flow analysis, water filtration, UV disinfection)
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Australian Approvals and validation
  • Operating Manuals, Maintenance Manuals and in Service Spare Part options

The extent of the project and skills within Innovact allow us to offer a turn-key solution to meet your needs.  Our local and offshore manufacturing partners and facilities allows us to offer significant capability to meet demand, pricing and complexity that these projects entail.

The pump station comprises of:

  • Vertical multi-stage pump (with redundancy)
  • Electronic PLC board
  • Pressure accumulator tank
  • Pressure transducer/sensor
  • Multi-stage cartridge filter
  • UV filtration
  • Alarm indicator box (audio and visual)
  • General power outlets (x2)

The water tanks comprise of:

  • Polyethylene tanks
  • Electronic and mechanical water level indicators

The container consists of:

  • Electrical inlet (3 phase)
  • Overhead florescent lighting
  • External visual alarm
  • Side opening doors for ease of access

Standards designed to:

  • AS3000 – Electrical Installations
  • AS3001 – Electrical Installations (Movable Premises and their site installations)
  • AS3500 – National Plumbing and Drainage Code
  • AS2070 – Plastic Materials for Food Contact Use
  • FDA – Food and Drug Administration